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Godzilla's Revenge

Storyline Godzilla's Revenge

The 10th Godzilla film. A boy uses his imagination to take him to Monster Island so he can escape the pains of real life. There he is befriended by Godzilla's son, who helps him with his struggles.

Godzilla's Revenge

Movie details Godzilla's Revenge

Release : 1969-12-20

Genre : Fantasy, Science Fiction, Family

Runtime : 70

Company : Toho Company

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The film was dubbed in English and released in North America on December 8, 1971 by Maron Films as Godzilla's Revenge on a double bill with Island of the Burning Damned.
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I own this movie now, because it wasn`t named Godzillas Revenge. In Germany called Attack all Monsters with spezial Text box on the cover say: Caution!!!
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Monster Madness T-Shirts now available!
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The battle scene when Minya an Godzilla fight against Gabera. I do not own the clips shown in this video. Toho is the owner of these clips. For ...
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American Godzilla's Revenge poster. All Monsters Attack was released on December 8, 1971 by Maron Films as Godzilla's Revenge on a double bill with Island of the ...
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Before the new Godzilla film comes out, The Cinema Snob checks out "Godzilla's Revenge," often considered to be one of the worst in the franchise.
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US Distributor: Maron Films (1971) Time: 69 minutes: Alternate Movie Titles: Godzilla, Minilla and Gabara: All Monsters Giant Attack [Literal Translation]
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Minilla in Son of Godzilla. Minilla was born on Solgell Island, when his egg was cracked open by a group of Kamacuras. One can assume that since Minilla was born ...
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I remember when I was a wee tyke, I begged my Dad to take me to the highly age-inappropriate Jaws 4: The Revenge. It took some doing but finally, either out of ...
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